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Securing CFI (12/2009)


2nd Parsifal Workshop in Frankfurt, 1 December 2009
(special invitation only)

in cooperation with the 2nd CoMiFin FAB workshop

At the first Parsifal workshop
Future Scenarios and expected Challenges
were discussed in three key areas

  1. Controlling Instant On Demand Business in Critical Financial Infrastructures (CFI): Authentication, Identity Management, Resilience and Denial of Service

  2. Entitlement Management and Securing Content in the Perimeterless Financial Environment: Identity, Policy, Privacy and Audit

  3. Business Continuity and Control in an Interconnected and Interdependent Service
    Landscape: Cross Border and Cross Organisations.

Following the workshop, the identified Scenarios and Challenges were described by and reviewed within the Parsifal project stakeholder group in consultation with selected workshop participants.

This 2nd workshop  asks the participants to review and validate the recommendations of the three key areas in view of the current evolved situation of the financial sector and prioritise them.

The prioritised recommendations for further research will be presented to the European Commission to guide their future research agenda.