Mr. Prof. Dr. Jean Frijns, professor at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and chairman of the monitoring commission for the Dutch Corporate Governance Code

Successful  building on qualities of Financial services demands critical choices and becomes a matter of good and effective cooperation between the government and  financial service providers. It is a matter of looking forward to possibilities and dare to set free from existing reliability. Especially  when you know that de old circumstances will be replaced by new challenges. “What was the future,, is now reality”. But how different is this future at the beginning of 2009? Meanwhile  we have to face nationalizations and support of the government to huge financial institutions. Jean Frijns, chairman of the Monitoring Committee of the Corporate Governance Code in the Netherlands and member of the Holland Financial Centre, will give a lecture on the impact of the latest developments on the growth and the competition of the financial markets.  

Mr. Jan Frijns (1947) studied in 1971 for econometrist at the University of Tilburg. After his graduation he stayed at the economic faculty as a scientific fellow. After a guest lectureship at the Northern Illinois University, he graduated in 1979 with a dissertation on investment behavior of corporates in relation to the demand of labor.  
In 1980 he joins the CPB with special attention on structural issues. In 1988 he switched to the ABP Pension Fund where he becomes responsible for the strategic investment policy. After that he becomes Managing Director Investments and a board member of ABP.  
In 1995 Mr. Frijns was appointed as special professor of investments at the faculty of economics at the Vrije University of Amsterdam. Frijns is also the chairman of the Monitoring Commission Corporate Governace Code and a member of the Holland Financial Centre  


12. Januar 2009

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